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Facilities Project Management

Planning and Permits

Construction Management

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Achieving results

Ingeprom, Inc. provides facilities project management services to support our clients in achieving their stated objectives related to their facilities upgrades and improvements.

Identifying project requirements, establishing achievable objectives, and administering the work to be done to achieved results stated by the client.

We specialize in the following real estate categories:

  • Commercial (Offices, Small Retail)

  • Institutional

  • Residential (Single family, Condominium)





The use and reuse of existing buildings represents a great investment if changes maintain or improve building performance, increase property value, and comply with building code requirements that safeguard public health and safety.

Planning and Permits
Is important that the client has the support from a Project Manager to ensure that the Project Plan has the information needed for planning, organizing, and administering a successful project. For the facility projects to comply with all applicable building codes and regulations, it is necessary coordination and documentation services to support the client when requesting applicable building permits for the project.

Project construction phase is when planned work is executed as per the Project Plan. To achieve a successful project is necessary to provide an adequate Construction Management that ensure that project work are completed as per contract requirements.


Facilities projects must have inspection services focused on meeting client-stated objectives. Client's interest is to have a successful project meeting all stated results. To achieve a high-quality project it is necessary to fulfill client's needs and expectations.



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