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Ingeprom, Inc. recognizes that planning services should focus on developing project specific and client-driven goals.

The Project Plan establish project goals and success criteria that meets the client needs. It defines, integrates, and coordinates project resources necessary to achieve client-stated objectives.



  • Document project requirements and objectives

  • Define deliverables

  • Prepare work breakdown structure

  • Perform site investigation for existing conditions

  • Contract negotiations


  • Prepare Master Project Schedule (Gantt Chart, network Diagram)

  • Define critical path and develop progress curve (Critical Path Method, Critical Chain)



We provide coordination and documentation services to support the client when requesting applicable building permits for the project or for operation of the facility. 

In a facility construction project or operations the process to acquire all applicable building permits is a high-risk and difficult process. It requires proper coordination and information management of all project-related documents. 

Management services as per client's need to request the following building approvals and permits:

  • Zoning approval (Planning Board)
  • Request of Preliminary Project Approval (ARPE or municipalities)
  • Request of Construction Permit (ARPE or municipalities)
  • Request of Use and Occupancy Permit (ARPE or municipalities)
  • Endorsements (Health Department, Fire Department)


  • Develop a detailed cost estimate and budget based on historical and market data and clearly defined set of budget assumptions

  • Complete work as per approved budget

  • Prepare Cost Control Reports (Earned Value)

  • Value analysis considering costs and benefits throughout facility life cycle


  • Risk identification

  • Qualitative Analysis (Risk Matrix)

  • Quantitative Analysis (Decision Tree, Monte Carlo)



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