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Inspection Services

Ingeprom, Inc. coordinates inspection services to support the client to ensure a successful project. This objective is achieved when inspection service professionals are hired to participate during the planning phase and include quality assurance activities.

Inspection services provide to the client the confidence that project work is performed in accordance with instructions, specifications, and drawings approved for the facility project. All activities in agreement with construction contract, applicable laws and regulations.

This way the resources hired to perform the project work are properly informed and knowledgeable of the work requirements, have all necessary tools and equipment, and all needed materials are available to perform the work properly. With this approach when quality control inspections are performed, there is a high confidence that project activities have been completed in accordance with project requirements




In some projects inspection services are required by local laws and regulations, financial institutions, contract requirements, or client's request. It is possible that several inspection services require professional services in different disciplines. 



When contracting inspection services adequate for the project, the project team is achieving a proactive approach for quality management and ensuring that will achieve client-stated objectives.

  Inspection services can be hired for all types of projects based on project requirements. The goal is to be cost-effective by providing these services in accordance with the investment in the project.


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