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Building Inspections

Ingeprom, Inc. provides a comprehensive range of building inspection services to support clients to make informed decisions related to their properties.

Inspection services provide confidence that the building is in adequate conditions for its intended use and is in compliance with applicable building codes and regulations.

Knowing property condition is a critical factor in reducing risk and ensuring building performance.


Building Inspection Services to be provided based on client's needs include:

  • Buyers (pre-purchase) inspection
  • Sellers (re-sale) inspection
  • Pre/Post Lease inspection
  • Deferred Maintenance Inspection
  • Building Code Compliance
  • Fire Protection and Life-Safety inspection
  • Safety inspection
  • Documentation
  Inspection services evaluate the building existing condition including all systems and components. Knowing the condition of the building allows the client to negotiate at the time of buying or selling, develop accurate budgets for maintenance and repairs, and ensure compliance with all applicable codes and regulations. It provides the client with precise information to save time and money.


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