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Areas of service

Facilities Project Management
Planning and Permits
Construction Management
Inspection Services
Energy Efficient Buildings

Property Management
Maintenance and Repairs
Field Services
Building Inspections




Successful facility projects by creating asset value
Specializing in repair, remodeling, and renovation of existing buildings. Our focus is to ensure that facility upgrade and improvement projects are properly performed by implementing cost-effective solutions for repairs, alterations, additions or change of occupancy.



Delivering building management solutions
Providing comprehensive property management services to support our clients in making their commercial, institutional and residential buildings more reliable, efficient and less costly to operate. 



Providing technical services to improve building performance

  • Energy Audits to commercial/institutional buildings and residential properties

  • Renewable Energy Systems (solar, wind) consulting, design, and installation

  • Financial Analysis for investment in energy-efficient systems

  • Capital Investment Analysis for Renewable Energy Projects

  • Planning and implementing green building initiatives




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